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Conversion WITHOUT RISK - 30 days for tests

30 days to return or exchange for another set or battery

GUARANTEE - 24 months !!! (set & battery)


  for test drive with prepared bicycles

POWER up to 20 X greater than other solutions on the market!

The legal urban mode specified in the Act is 250 W and 25 km / h as well as the Off-Road Mode

Vmax without pedaling - 55 km/h in Off-Road mode

LEt'sGO !

The NowyBike SYSTEM is universal as building blocks

you can always expand or modify it

The limit is only the imagination

Build your own machine of your dreams!

Universal charger and 48 V battery

2000 W set

Driving on the Baltic Sea

No pedaling, 1500 W power

The on-board computer has ready-made driving modes

  Urban and Off-Road

You can also easily program it yourself using the LCD screen and the power shift handle shift paddles

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Record from driving to mt. Śnieżnik on one battery charge of 10 Ah

Record from driving to mt. Śnieżnik on one battery charge of 10 Ah

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3 Elements of the SYSTEM

1. Conversion kit

2. Battery

3. Charger

Useful additions

bag for mounting the set in a frame

NowyBike The System

More POWER in Your Lifestyle!

Do you have a question? Write.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which set to choose?

A: 1000W set - for most people who want to have a lightweight electric bicycle with a large range and very good performance.

The 2000W set - the most versatile, with a braking energy recovery system. Strengthening power from 1 to 5 allows you to get from light support to the one that allows you to overcome most of the obstacles in the field as well as riding in the mountains (eg entry to the shelter)

3000W set - for adrenaline enthusiasts. Power and acceleration that causes the bike to "enter the wheel" - proposed for people with experience in driving for example for motorcyclists.

Custom sets - components that enable the construction of almost any electrical machine. Scalability of the system allows you to get the expected range or powerful power up to 10,000W

Q: What is the range of the bike?

A: Range with a 12.5 Ah battery should not be less than 40 km. With a skillful use of support and recuperative charging, you can get a range of about 100 km. The range is fully scalable and can be increased by buying a larger battery or taking additional packages and / or a charger.

Q: What is the maximum speed?

A: It depends on the conditions. The driver with a total weight of 90 kg on a bicycle with a set weighing about 25 kg, built on a set 2000W and wheels 26 "achieves 1 support mode without much effort 25 km / h, 2 support mode 35 km / h. Maximum speed without pedaling 45 - 55 km / h

Q: What is the acceleration?

A: Maximum torque and power in electric motors is available immediately. Acceleration in the 2000W set is very clearly felt. At the intersection and so-called Traffic lights rarely can accelerate the acceleration of the e-bike built on this set.

Acceleration in the 3000W set is so big that it requires the driver's experience. With the throttle fully open, be careful that the e-bike does not stand on the rear wheel and that the bike does not leave the driver.

For experienced cyclists, riding on the rear wheel is not the slightest problem.

Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?

A: Depending on the charger used and the battery capacity. A 12.5 Ah battery is charged 4-5 hours with a 3A charger and about 2 hours with the most powerful 8A charger

Q: Does an electrically powered bicycle not take away pleasure from driving?

NOT! You can completely disconnect the assistance and the awareness that you can always activate the support encourages further trips and overcoming areas that are normally not possible to pass for a non-trained person. In addition, movement and pedaling causes the release of endorphins of substances responsible for the feeling of happiness. This feeling is addictive and increases the willingness to support it.

Q: Is an e-bike for older people?

A: Definitely yes! One of the assumptions of the NowyBike.pl project is "launching" people to activity. Thanks to the "soft" start and saving of joints, it is a great way to rehabilitate and increase fitness. The team also works with doctors, including orthopaedists, and recommends such a way of caring for the musculoskeletal system and general condition. Of course, each patient is different and you should consult a specialist doctor, which we also enable.

Q: Which drive system is in the sets. Cassette or freewheel?

A: In sets 1000 and 2000W, a cassette (min. 8 rows) is placed on the motor for the 3000W motor to run freewheel. There are also available available freewheels adapted for e-bikes

Q: How long is the battery last?

A: The battery is an operating element and is subject to wear. Designed for use in the period of 3-5 years. The cost of this battery per 100 km is about 1-2 PLN. Of course, it also depends on the way it is used and the battery can be used for a longer period of time. The guarantee is 24 months. During this period, a properly operated battery should not lose more than 30% of its capacity.

Q: How to properly use the battery?

A: • to prolong the battery life it is not recommended to fully discharge the battery (it is recommended to recharge the battery on a regular basis),

• do not store the battery fully charged or discharged for more than 2 weeks,

• if it is necessary to store the battery for a longer period (eg in the winter), store it at a nominal voltage of 48V for 48V (13s) or 72V battery for 72V (20s) - ie about half the capacity,

• do not store the battery in a negative temperature,

• It is recommended to charge the battery at a temperature above 10 ° C (discharging (eg while driving) is allowed in temperatures down to -20 degrees.

Q: Why is NowyBike.pl system not ready or other solutions?

A: 1. Excellent quality / price ratio

2. Possibility of driving without electric support like on an ordinary bike, city mode, ie 250W and 25km / h, and something that can not, according to the law, have ready-made electric bikes sold in stores, i.e. off-road mode - out of town which allows you to use several times more power. Just like cars, they can theoretically exceed the speed of 250 km / h, but they have a blockade, in urban mode the e-bike also has a blockade and does not exceed the statutory parameters.

3. Universal power supply. In contrast to ready solutions in which there are many standards and types of batteries in our solution, you can use any battery that meets certain parameters. It will always be possible to build the right batteries, even for an electrician.

4. As the battery technology develops, the set will have an increasing range with less and less battery weight. It does not "grow old" technologically

5. 24-month warranty, including batteries.

6. Batteries are designed and manufactured in Poland on the best possible components currently available.

7. A perfect solution for former bikers or people who want to become one.

Q: Can any bicycle be converted?

A: Most bikes can be redone. You can send a bicycle model or a photo of it and on its basis we will assess if the conversion is feasible.

Q: What is the rotation axis lock used for?

A: The motors have a very high power and there is a risk that if the wheel is not properly tightened, it will rotate around the axis during acceleration which can lead to breakage or destruction of the cable. A correctly mounted rotation axis lock prevents this situation. Additionally, thanks to a special shape, it can help in the solid assembly of the wheel to the frame.

Q: Is it possible to repair it in the event of damage to the equipment?

A: Yes. There is a possibility of putting the element to the service and if it is not possible to repair it, you can order individual elements of the set separately.